Concur Help Overview

Concur Help Overview

Concur is the university and state college travel application where employees from each campus will utilize the same travel tools. All travel requests, expense reports, and approvals will be processed through Concur. A comprehensive Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding the policy and using Concur is available here.

Concur travel request, expense, and approval applications provide a complete travel program along with Concur travel booking. Concur is accessible through the Firefly portal home page under Business Applications.

The University of Nebraska travel policy is available here. Faculty and staff are encouraged to review the policy and contact Melody Stark if they have questions at melody.stark@nebraska.edu | traveloffice@nebraska.edu | (402) 554-3456.

This travel help site hosts quick reference guides (QRGs), tip sheets, and video tutorials to assist travelers and delegates (travel coordinators) in entering travel requests, booking, and expense reports, as well as guidance for travel approvers. Additional assistance for Concur travel booking, managed by Fox World Travel, can be accessed from the company notes section within the Concur application.