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"Leading Nebraska": The Podcast

Our podcast shares the stories of the researchers, students, teachers and others across the University of Nebraska's four campuses who are making an impact. From teachers and doctors to engineers and ag experts, these Nebraska leaders are touching lives and making a difference.

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UNMC's Dr. Kelsey Klute is leading a research team focused on pancreatic cancer. Through clinical trials and the development of novel treatments, Dr. Klute is hoping to improve early detection and patient outcomes.

UNL engineering professor Shane Farritor is co-founder of Virtual Incision, a medical device company located at Nebraska Innovation Campus. He and his team have developed MIRA—a handheld device that's inserted into the body for surgery.

University of Nebraska President Ted Carter was selected for the elite Top Gun program in 1985. There, he experienced hands-on learning that changed his life.

The value of an internship in college can’t be understated. Students with the resourcefulness to get hands-on in their first jobs are generally in short supply. But not at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, where business students are encouraged to take internships while in school.

Chris Kratochvil, UNMC’s Global Center for Health Security Distinguished Chair, discusses the world-renowned infectious disease center and how UNMC is providing solutions needed to face the next pandemic.

The University of Nebraska was one of the only universities in the country to grow during the pandemic. Ted Carter, president of the NU System, talks about how the University impacts the state’s economy and success.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard for small businesses—especially local restaurants and coffeeshops. UNL grad Luke Bogus created Brim, a mobile ordering app, and offered it to those businesses for free.

UNO is home to the first center in the world dedicated to researching human movement. Nick Stergiou advanced UNO to the top of the list when it comes to biomechanics research.

The world’s population is predicted to surge, and we’ll need an accompanying surge in food. UNL’s Stephen Baenziger changed the game when it comes to wheat.

UNO’s Ebonie Epinger and her team study the patterns that prevent inmates from succeeding once they’re released from custody—research that will improve the criminal justice system.

We take a look at past efforts to test remdesivir—and what inspires researchers like UNMC’s Andre Kalil to keep searching for effective treatments for COVID-19.

NU President Ted Carter talks about what prepared him to lead the University of Nebraska System through tough times—and why the university will come out stronger on the other side.

We explore how UNL's Hunter Flodman and his team produced thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer for organizations who need it—and couldn't access it.

Brandon Drozd coordinates a UNK program designed to close the healthcare gap. His goal is to attract students to allied health fields—and those efforts are paying off.

Explore how UNO’s Gina Ligon and her team of experts—both here in Nebraska and around the world—are keeping our country safe.

The need for nursing care is expected to grow exponentially. UNMC is working hard to bring more nurses like Nora Arellano in to the fold—by meeting them where they are.

UNL’s Guy Trainin leads the Teacher Scholars Academy, developing the next generation of educators and preparing teachers who will be effective for the future.

The Nebraska Business Development Center and its employees like UNO’s Harold Sargus reach across the state to strengthen business through a statewide network of offices.

Inspired by her own high school ag education class, UNL’s Toni Rasmussen is one of 200 full-time instructors across Nebraska teaching agriculture to high school students.

Pancreatic cancer has been a mystery. To turn the tide, it’s essential for UNMC’s Christina Hoy—and her fellow researchers—to find a method of early detection.

UNO’s Robin Gandhi sees many of his cybersecurity students accept job offers from local companies—often before they even graduate.


NU works with nearly 75% of farmers and ranchers to increase productivity


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